5 Locksmith Tips

FIVE things to know before calling a locksmith:

  1. Is your locksmith trustworthy?

Check if your locksmith has a Police Photo Security Industry License and that the class is 2C. This indicates if the locksmith is licensed and qualified. Also checking on the Australian Guild of Locksmith www.lga.org.au website will also help you determine if the locksmith is trustworthy and industry accredited.

  1. Does your locksmith have 24/7 Emergency Services?

Having 24/7 emergency service ensures that you can contact your locksmith anytime around the clock. This is especially handy in emergency situations, its one trustworthy contact that can assist you with your car, home or commercial needs.

  1. Can your locksmith look after all my security needs?

A locksmith that can help you in more than one way is not only handy and convenient, its also peace of mind knowing that you only need one service provider for your Residential, Automotive, commercial, lock and security needs.

  1. Is your locksmith insured or offer a workmanship guarantee?

Always check if your locksmith is insured. This minimizes your risk in terms of quality of their workmanship and damage to your property.

  1. Does your locksmith have a good track record?

Ask for testimonials. Engaging a reliable locksmith is very important having a good past track record is essential. This gives you a good indication of how reliable and trustworthy they are as well as how good their workmanship and overall service is going to be. You can check the past history of a locksmith by contacting the Locksmith Guild of Australia 1800 636 272