Access Control

Access Control & Digital security

In today’s world everything is going digital so why wouldn’t your security? Digital security is not only more secure it’s also cost effective, easy to use and more affordable in the long run. Digital security allows each user to have their own PIN rather than keys for each person.

Digital security works not only for commercial premises but also for your home, this way you don’t need to worry about kids losing keys or forgetting them. And the best part is you will know when each person has accessed the house night or day.

The benefit of having digital security in your commercial premises is that when staff changes occur you won’t need to change locks, you just change the code on the system and it’s all done.

Here at Lockbuster we can provide all your digital solutions including Digital locks, restricted key systems, touchpad, mobile phone remote access, access control and CCTV. Contact us for a personalised solution.

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